Incessant technological revolution accompanied by globalization has triggered an unprecedented pace of change in all countries all over the world.  Inevitably, education must evolve no less quickly.  Its mission must be redefined to address the new kinds of skills and abilities that will allow the youth to effectively deal with the increasing and diverse challenges of the future.


We, at Glendale School, embrace these challenges and compellingly commit ourselves to the adequate development of our students’ skills and abilities, so that they may competently assume the emergent roles that the future holds in store for them.  Changes favor only the prepared mind.  The Glendale experience shall open doors for a future rich in “ah-ha” moments—moments of inspired creativity and productivity.  Glendale students shall not be intimidated by the myriad of changes and the concomitant challenges that are certain to come.  Rather, they shall self-assuredly confront the issues and problems.  Importantly, they shall be able to recognize the immense opportunities veiled therein.  As such, they shall not be mere witnesses to change, but in the near future shall be its active agents.  We envision finding them among the next generation’s leaders— exemplary in living with honour, dignity, and excellence.

The Team - Your Partners

The competent school heads achieving excellence together

Dr. Malou


Academic Administrator

PhD Educational Psychology

   University/ College Scholar

   University of the Philippines, Diliman

B.S. - University of the Philippines, Diliman

   Cum Laude

   Consistent President's List/ Dean's Lister

   NSDB (DOST) Full Scholar

ØKØ International Honor Society

M'am Consuelo

B.S. - Philippine Women's University, Manila

   20 years in the academe

Teacher Nanette

Student & External Affairs Administrator

M.A. Family Life & Child Development,  University of the Philippines, Diliman

B.S. - University of Santo Tomas, Manila

   Cum Laude

   Consistent Dean's Lister


Teacher May

Academic Administrator

M.A. Information Technology Integration in Education, Ateneo De Manila University

M.A. units - Teaching in the Early Grades, University of the Philippines, Diliman

B.S. - University of Santo Tomas, Manila

Extensive Educational Workshops, Seminars & Training

Sir Ricky

Information Technology Administrator

B.S. ACC - Computer Science

Software Development Specialist

Sir Jay

Support Services Administrator

B.S. University of Santo tomas, Manila

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Glendale Campuses

Conjusive environment for enhanced learning

Main Campus (Short Horn)

69 Short Horn St. Project 8, Quezon City, 1106, Philippines

Tels.  8927-2161


VIBER: +63 943-1423450

Main Office Location

Campus of the Preschool &

Grades 1 to 3 Students

Annex Campus (Paradise Village)

11 Saint Benedict Street, Paradise Village, Quezon City, 1006, Philippines

Campus of the Grades 4 to 6 Students,

Junior High (Grades 7 to 10) &

Senior High (Grades 11 to 12)

Tels. 3454-4344 


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