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General Academic Strand (GAS)


Bridging any college degree course with the following concentration: Economics and Business; Media and Information Literacy; Communication and Literary Arts; Education; Local and International Studies; Information and Communication Technology.

Up to 100%

Tuition Fee Scholarship

Open to ALL

Glendaleans & Non-Glendaleans

Junior & Senior High School Students (Grades 7-12):  Qualified enrollees of Junior & Senior High may enjoy up to 100% tuition fee scholarship. Apply now.


Entrance Exams


Ongoing until June

(while slots are available)

Monday to Friday

8am to 3pm

Saturdays (May-June)

8am to 11am

Yearly Summer Programs

FREE Beginners' Class

For children

ages 3 to 4.5

Introduce your child to the wonderful world of learning. This program, designed for first-time preschoolers, will develop your child's confidence and better prepare them for June.

S.E.P. Summer Enrichment Program

Open to all students:

Glendalean &


are welcome to join


For Gr. 1 to 12

Improve your child's academic performance through our guided classes.


Special Summer Course

Ukulele Lessons


9am - 10:30am

“With a ukulele in your hand, you’re suddenly as cute and quirky as Zooey Deschanel, as suave and talented as Bruno Mars and as chill as Jason Mraz. This little instrument, popular in the 1920s, is making a comeback worldwide.”  - College Magazine

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Office Hours:

   7am to 4:30pm

   Monday to Friday


   8am to 12pm
   Saturdays of May
   until 3rd week of June

Office & Main Campus

69 Short Horn St. Project 8, Quezon City, Philippines 1106

(Near corner Road 20 McDonald's & Mercury Drugstore)

Phone:  8927-2161


Annex Campus

11 St. Benedict Street, Paradise Village, Quezon City, Philippines

(about 5 minute walking distance from Main campus) 

Phone: 405-9523 



Admin@ GlendaleSchoolOnline.com





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